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SQL : "SELECT DISTINCT t2.id, t2.word, tl.short_level_name, tl.level_name, c.category_name, t.synset_id
FROM sys_synonym_term t
LEFT JOIN sys_synonym_synset s ON t.synset_id = s.id
LEFT JOIN sys_synonym_term t2 ON t2.synset_id = s.id
LEFT JOIN sys_synonym_category_link cl ON t2.synset_id = cl.synset_id
LEFT JOIN sys_synonym_category c ON c.id = cl.category_id
LEFT JOIN sys_synonym_term_level tl ON t2.level_id = tl.id
WHERE t.word LIKE 'postfaktisch'
OR t.normalized_word LIKE 'postfaktisch'
GROUP BY t2.word"
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